Current projects

Job Opportunities

A list of available positions within research centres and universities.

SIC Platinn

The program helps companies identify problems, innovation opportunities and carry out changes leading to the development and growth of the individual company.

Maker culture in education

Our goal is to bring innovation in education for secondary and elementary schools in the Central Bohemia region. Therefore, we are bringing a unique program (a combination of methods) developed abroad by experts from the United States, Mexico and Canada. One of the methods used in the program it actually originated at Stanford University, one of the world's most prestigious universities.


Innovation Vouchers

Stories of cooperation between companies and research institutions.

Science in the Heart of Innovation

Science in the Heart of Innovation is a hub where you can find technology capabilities, R&D services, and key expertise of selected research centres in Central Bohemia that have a potential to work with businesses and municipalities.


Innovation in the Heart

Innovation in the Heart brings the latest news from the innovation landscape in Central Bohemia. Our mission is to connect, advise, educate, and present innovation opportunities in business, science, and research and development.


Welcome Office

Pomoc zahraničním vědcům s integrací v regionu.


Central European SME Gateway to key-enabling technology infrastructures – sparking a new transnational ket innovation ecosystem.

Mapping and promotion of research

We map out activities of the research institutions and universities in Central Bohemia Region and present the results to three target groups.

The City of the Future

Vision of the Central Bohemian Region to the City of the Future

Smart Cities and Municipalities

Smart solutions - we might not notice them at first hand but they are all around us.


Cultural and Creative Industries

CCIs are based on human creativity and are able to produce innovative products.

Industry 4.0

Fourth industrial revolution has come to influence production, power industry, transportation and other areas of life.