Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking its hold in manufacturing, power, transport and other sector of the economy as well as different areas of the life of the society. It is a particular challenge for the Czech industry whose performance determines the long-term competitiveness of Czech economy. Czech government supported the Industry 4.0 initiative first by its resolution of 24 August 2016 and subsequently established the Society 4.0 Alliance by another resolution of 15 February 2017.

The Industry 4.0 initiative foresees the need for greater synergy between academia, large, medium and small enterprises, and vendors and users of automation and information technologies. More than ever before – due to large investment costs of implementing Industry 4.0 principles, the speed of technological change and standardization – all actors affecting the manufacturing sector need to be interconnected.

You can find more details about the main goals, activities, structure and other information at the NATIONAL INDUSTRY 4.0 CENTER website.

The Central Bohemian Innovation Center is one of the eight main founding partners of NCP 4.0

The Center can therefore facilitate special access to NCP 4.0 events and activities for its industry and R&D&I partners. This includes, e.g. participation in professional events, technology promotions and case studies, and networking.

A catalog of competencies of Czech technical universities will make it easier for businesses to join Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The National Center for Industry 4.0 and Czech Technical Universities have mapped their research potential and created a catalog of Industry 4.0 knowledge, technology, and projects, which will enable businesses, in particular, to navigate the current offer of research capacities and themes and facilitate access to collaboration with the respective institutions.


List of themes – technologies:

1. Big Data Analytics
2. IoT (Internet of Things) for Industrial Applications
3. Automatic Management
4. Collaborative Robots, Cobots
5. Mobile Robots, AGV, Autonomous Driving
6. Robotics
7. Digital Twins
8. Cyber-physical systems
9. Modelling
10. Intelligent production machinery
11. Robot-Human Interface
12. Robot-Machine Interface
13. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
14. Machine perception
15. Cybersecurity
16. System security
17. Preventive Maintenance, Condition-based Monitoring, Diagnostics
18. Planning and Scheduling, Optimization
19. Manufacturing Processes, Additive Manufacturing
20. Testbed – linked to a shared testbed
21. Virtual and Augmented Reality
22. Other / Specials

List of universities involved:

Czech Technical University Prague
Technical University Liberec
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Technical University Brno
University of West Bohemia Pilsen