Central Bohemian Region


Find out the main advantages of the Central Bohemia Region

The largest and most populous region of the Czech Republic is attractive for living, investing and innovative business.

  • Strategic location – The region is located in the geographical centre of Europe, around the capital city of Prague, through which some of the backbone European roads pass and which is considered one of the economic centres of the EU.
  • Thriving economy – The region is one of the most economically developed in Central and Eastern Europe. The rate of economic growth has surpassed the national and European averages many years in a row. Learn more about the economic conditions.
  • Modern industrial production – 14 of the 100 largest EU investors in science, research and innovation operate here, investing mainly in the manufacturing industry (car production).
  • Highly qualified workers – They make up almost 40% of the employees of Central Bohemian companies.
  • Excellent socio-demographic situation – 60% of the population is economically active, unemployment is one of the lowest in the EU, population growth is the largest in the Czech Republic (especially young families with children) and the population forecast predicts permanent population growth in the next 30 years.
  • Research and development – The Central Bohemian Region has an extensive network of research centres with high potential of developing or other strategic technologies such as: biotechnology and biomedicine (BIOCEV), optics, photonics (ELI Beamlines and HiLASE laser centres), space technologies (Astronomical Institute), nuclear technologies (Research Centre Rez), energy and Smart Cities (UCEEB)

All European countries can be reached by air from Prague within 3 hours.

Key industries in the Central Bohemia Region 2022.


Advanced innovation ecosystem

The Central Bohemian Region is systematically developing an economy based on innovation, advanced technologies and internationally competitive products or services with high added value. It is building an innovation ecosystem with strong players.

Who are the key players?

  • Office of the Central Bohemian Region – The office implements innovation policies on the basis of the RIS3 strategy, primarily through the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre (SIC) public agency.
  • SIC – The agency develops an innovation ecosystem, stimulates new activities, pilots new tools, connects key players and coordinates their activities. Its priority topics are digitalisation and advanced technologies, circular economy, sustainability and solutions to social and environmental challenges or strategic development of companies.
  • Innovative companies – There are more than 2,000 innovative companies in the region and a high level of entrepreneurship in general (over 40,000 mostly SMEs). At the same time, the largest Czech company according to sales, Škoda Auto (Volkswagen Group), and a number of other international companies operate here. Over 60% of employees work in large companies and corporations.
  • R&D organisations – The region’s research and development receives an above-average volume of investment in the Czech Republic, with 75% coming from the corporate sector. There are 26 research centres conducting cutting-edge basic and applied research, and one university. Learn more about R&D.
  • Foreign investors – Foreign direct investments flow mainly into the production of transport equipment, engineering and woodworking, mostly from Germany, France and Japan. They are supported by incentives from the CzechInvest agency, an organisation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
  • Supporting innovation infrastructure – In the Central Bohemian Region, there are 6 science and technology parks, 5 business incubators, 6 coworking centres, the Brain4Industry consortium, but also business angels investing in startups.