Central Bohemia Mobility Programme for Excellence in Research, Innovation and Technology is a Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for outstanding researchers from all over the world. The programme offers 30 fellowships for 2.5 years in 15 research organisations based in Central Bohemia.  

The large and strong consortium of elite and respected institutions coming from academic and non‑academic sectors (public and private) will offer the selected researchers intersectoral, interdisciplinary and international experience, excellent training options, as well as access to unique research infrastructures and wide networking possibilities. The consortium also includes 36 national and international SMEs, large enterprises, universities and secondary schools.  The programme is coordinated by the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre and co-funded by HORIZON EUROPE, a prestigious European Commission grant.

Beyond MERIT, we indirectly provide job offers for foreign scientists and researchers through the Research Jobs project. 

EDIH – Brain 4 Industry

As part of the Brain4Industry consortium, we help businesses make the best use of the benefits and possibilities of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Thanks to seasoned experts and the services of top research centres, we have been increasing the competitiveness of small and medium‑sized enterprises, as well as the Czech Republic as a whole. Our greatest benefit is practical experience.


We are a member of Ynovate ‒ a network of eight professional innovation centres. By seeking synergies, cooperating directly with entrepreneurs, and sharing contacts, we support the birth and development of innovative, ambitious, and sustainable businesses.