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Salary conditions

Once your employment starts, personal income tax and social and health insurance contributions will be deducted from gross income before net income will be transferred to your bank account. The rates are as follows:

  • Personal income tax is 15%, calculated from Gross income
  • Social insurance is 6,5%, calculated from Gross income
  • Health insurance is 4,5%, calculated from Gross income

Besides deductions mentioned above, net income calculation needs to reflect individual situation of each employee within the respective month of employment (e.g. there are several types of personal income tax discount that might be applicable, number of days of holiday taken in the respective month influences net income, etc.). Details should be provided by the payroll department of your employer.

Working conditions

Usually these working conditions apply in the Czech Republic, if not agreed otherwise in your employment contract:

  • Working hours 8 hours per day
  • Lunch break 30 minutes per day
  • Holiday 20 days per year (however most employers provide their employees with 25 days of holiday per year)
  • Employers can also provide their employees with additional “benefits”, e.g. home office arrangements, sick days, lunch coupons, contributions to sports, culture and holiday, etc.