The Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences conducts scientific research right across the board, especially in the field botanical disciplines. The Institute currently has over 300 staff, of whom some 120 are researchers and doctoral students. In addition, the Institute manages the Průhonice park, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It keeps in close cooperation with colleges, universities and public institutions, particularly so when it comes to protecting nature and the landscape. Cooperation with commercial entities is primarily evident in the field of biotechnology. Since 1966 the Institute of Botany has been publishing the international journal Folia Geobotanica, and since 2013 the science-popularization magazine Botanika.


The database of Czech flora and vegetation, which was opened to the public in the Spring of 2018 on the Pladias website, offers comprehensive and reliable information for professionals and the lay public alike. Experts will particularly appreciate the detailed information on the distribution of plant species and dozens of different biological and ecological properties listed for each species, which make it an exceptional source of data for scientific research. The general public will welcome the photos and other images including plant structures that help easily identify particular plants, as well as the interactive distribution charts. Practical use has been made of e.g. invasives research – botanists from the Institute of Botany have produced Standards for the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic on the disposal of invasive plants. Scientists from the IB have also analysed the surfaces of concrete, walls and construction materials in a range of ČEZ hydroelectric power plants in order to identify just where micro-organisms may cause health and safety hazards.


  • Participation in the Science Fair – for elementary & secondary schools and the public
  • Science trek, activities for the public
  • Science workshops, for elementary & secondary schools and the public
  • Internships for secondary school students
  • One-time exhibitions

Adress: www.ibot.cas.cz/cs, Facebook