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Regional Development Programme

The Regional Development Programme of the Central Bohemian Region for 2018 – 2024

The current regional development programme for the next period is being updated and anticipates the preparation of a strategic document that would serve as a basic mid-term support regional development scheme, but will also cover the Central Bohemian Region´s vision to become a region of the future, ideally by 2030.

The emerging form of this strategic document deals with three basic topics, namely social and technological mega trends that reflect the vision of the Central Bohemian Region, the Czech Republic´s commitments with respect to global organizations and the European Union, and national legal regulations and national strategic documents. It naturally identifies the actual potential of the Central Bohemian Region based on an analysis of the current status.


While preparing this document, the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre strives for the largest possible use of available data and to obtain information at the lowest regional level, i.e. settlement units. This unique data is provided by Local Action Groups (LAG), and together with other information sources, it will enable continuous updates to this document. Having very detailed information is a prerequisite for addressing existing issues throughout the entire Central Bohemian Region.

A follow-up activity related to updates to the Regional Development Plan that is based on one of the main tasks of the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre, i.e. the search for new innovative solutions, is the establishment of research platforms. The work of such platforms, which provides long-term support when searching for new solutions to issues defined in the preparation of the analytical portion of the Regional Development Programme, may not only help to promote a high standard of living in rural areas in the Central Bohemian Region, but over the mid-term horizon, it will contribute towards the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of the Central Bohemian Region both within the Czech and global economy.


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