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The Central Bohemian Innovation Centre has established cooperation with Local Action Groups (LAGs) operating in the Central Bohemian Region. The objective of the cooperation is to obtain detailed information about the region, which will be used to support the drafting of a high-quality Central Bohemian Region Development Programme for 2018-2024. In the Frequently Asked Questions section, we respond to LAGs’ queries concerning the questionnaire they are currently completing.

As at 1 January 2017

Contact person for LAGs in the Central Bohemian Region:

Bc. Lukáš Eršil

E-mail: mas@s-ic.cz

Frequently Asked Questions

On 13 September, we discussed a variety of topics at a joint meeting of the LAG Regional Network. The most interesting questions and answers are available below.

What is the purpose of the Regional Development Programme and of the questionnaire that we were supposed to share with our mayors?

The Regional Development Programme should become a fundamental strategic document – you can look at the Regional Council as representing the government and the Regional Assembly as representing the parliament. The Regional Development Programme is the regional-level equivalent of the national-level Sustainable Development Strategy and/or the National Economic Policy.
Since we want to achieve well-balanced development throughout the region, we need detailed information about even the Central Bohemian Region’s smallest municipalities. LAGs are closest to these municipalities and that is why we asked them (in agreement with the Regional Authority of the Central Bohemian Region) to provide answers through the questionnaire. So, this is not just “one of many” questionnaires that end up in the drawer – if we obtain good-quality supporting information and identify the deficiencies in municipalities, the results can be crucial in helping to lead the strategic direction that the Central Bohemian Region takes.

How will mayors benefit from completing such a comprehensive questionnaire?

One of the benefits will be the development of the Regional Development Programme (RDP), which will take place in three stages. The first stage will describe the plan for the next two years, the second stage will present the strategy up to 2024, and the third stage will include a proposal for the development of municipalities up to 2030. Once the programme has been set up, new subsidy programmes can be created at the regional level and – most importantly – the region will have grounds to request e.g. new subsidy programmes at the national level or aid from new European funds.

In the questionnaire, there are some misleading topics with no links to any explanation of what exactly they are about. For example, I am unable to find any specification as to what a smart bench is, etc.

Using nothing but solar power, a smart bench can recharge phones, tablets, readers or cameras, provide Internet access, or monitor air pollution. If there is anything else you are unclear about, please e-mail us at: mas@s-ic.cz.

The institutions completing the questionnaire find some of its questions misleading. What can we do about that?

If you are unclear about any questions, please e-mail us at mas@s-ic.cz.

We have been looking for opportunities to cooperate with universities in the area of regional development and, unfortunately, we have not been able to establish any cooperation. What do you recommend?

We work closely with universities and are able to help you with this. Please contact us by e-mail at mas@s-ic.cz.

+420 246 083 190  |  info@s-ic.cz