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Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and/or beliefs? Do you have an original idea that might be successful in practice? Or would you actually like to develop your current business? Then the SIC LAB is the right solution for you – a consulting and educational workshop that will help you to check whether your idea might be successful.

 The SIC LAB is open to all beginning entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators who want to launch their own business or transform their company into a new, more successful form.

SIC LAB at the Škoda Auto University

On 17 January 2017, the President of the Central Bohemian Region, Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, and the Rector of ŠKODA AUTO University, Pavel Mertlík, signed a collaboration contract. The objective of this strategic partnership is to help university students and starting entrepreneurs to increase their chances to succeed and develop new businesses, known as start-ups, in the Central Bohemian Region.

Watch a video from the last edition of the SIC LAB at Škoda Auto University with the participation of five teams. Over a period of 10 weeks, the participants were able to verify whether their idea might be successful:

Strategic SIC LAB intervention was prepared in accordance with the Smart Accelerator Project activities in the Central Bohemian Region.

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Spring 2016

The first round of the SIC LAB ended after more than 10 weeks by pitching a final presentation of successful projects to investors.
 A team presenting a technology that provides a more effective cancer treatment made it to the last round.

“The SIC Lab gave us the opportunity to learn how to work as a team,” says Tomáš
Mann, one of the participants. “It was very helpful for us, especially the feedback we received from our mentors. On the one hand, we are more concerned about failing and the path seems to be rougher, but on the other hand, we gained new insight into the issue. Contrary to when we were at the beginning, we are no longer considering making just a prototype of the technology. It gave us the courage to go further.”

The intensive programme included 10 lessons. Topics addressed during the programme included customer relationships, income sources and distributions channels. Mentors included Jan Dušek, the bursar and authorized representative of Škoda Auto University and the former CFO of Volkswagen Group Rus, Albert Oesterreicher, an investor and visionary and the CEO of Orion Capital Management, and Václav Sušeň, an entrepreneur and investor with extensive international experience in managerial posts both in Czech and global companies.

Unlike other business incubators, the SIC Lab did not try to turn all registered ideas into start-ups. ”Quite the contrary; the purpose was to verify whether an idea has actual market potential or whether it would fail at the beginning only because the entrepreneur did not think of certain market channels,” explains Václav Sušeň, whose vision is to work more on the business and less in the business.

”The workshops were a hard test for the participants and I am happy that they did not get put off and continued to go through with it,” commented Jan Dušek on the entrepreneurial workshop. ”The SIC LAB may help some people to realize that they are not made for business – that is also a unique and very precious experience,” he adds.

Autunm 2016

The SIC LAB project was joined by the founders of Power2GO from Benešov, who wanted to find out whether their idea could succeed and how to look for new clients. After 10 weeks and their final presentation, they reconsidered their idea from all possible angles, put together a specific business plan and realized what they had to take into consideration. Now they are staring over.

The second edition of the SIC LAB verified more promising business ideas and their potential market success with the help of top mentors. “Our project concerns the provision of services, formal and informal meetings and consulting. We enrolled in the SIC LAB to test our business idea and save money,” says Jitka Beránková from Benešov, and continues: ”The SIC LAB helped us look at our business plan from a different angle and we had to fundamentally change a lot of things.”

One of the SIC LAB teams included researchers from the HiLase centre. “Although we are sure about the quality of our projects, the business aspect, i.e. how to get a product to the market is difficult for us. At the SIC LAB, we verified the use of hi-tech industrial equipment and I must say that it has significantly shifted our perception of what customers need,” says Sanin Zulic.


Spring 2017

Five teams participated in the last edition, which was organized as a joint SIC LAB and Škoda Auto University initiative.

Also check out a presentation by one of the teams, Dodavatel úspor, which provides smart solutions in lighting.

Strategic SIC LAB interventions were prepared in accordance with the Smart Accelerator Project activities in the Central Bohemian Region.

The word of the participants

“We believe that our involvement in the SIC LAB will help us to improve our plan to the extent that we can win an award in the Formula Student contest for our business plan. We hope that our team is among the selected ones.”

Denisa Kutscherová

“Thanks to the SIC LAB we gained a new perspective in respect of our business plan. It was difficult, but helpful. We definitely recommend it to anybody who wishes to start their own business but doesn’t know where or how to do it.”

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