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We help with the development of the Central Bohemian Region

Innovation platforms are consulting groups comprised of representatives from businesses, cities, municipalities and both academic and research institutions based in the Central Bohemian Region. Their purpose is to enhance mutual collaboration on specific projects across different fields, share project ideas, define barriers and search for options to overcome them. Participants in the innovation platforms meet regularly at conferences and workshops focused on specific topics.


In early 2017, during the first ever “Smart Cities in the Central Bohemian Region” conference, we established regular meetings between representatives from Central Bohemian cities and municipalities, businesses, and experts, which were entitled the Smart Cities Innovation Platform.

We use the platform to connect representatives from cities and municipalities in the region with businesses that develop smart solutions. We help them to share best practice examples and engage Central Bohemian cities and municipalities in the preparation and implementation of “smart” projects. Thanks to thematic workshops and seminars, we have been increasing the region’s awareness of funding available for implementing “smart” solutions.


Results of a survey in the area of Smart Cities carried out among municipalities in the Central Bohemian Region


The LIFE SCIENCES INNOVATION PLATFORM (LSIP) focuses on science and innovation technologies in health services. The research base in this field in the Central Bohemian Region comprises three major institutions:
The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, Kladno www.fbmi.cvut.cz, The Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec (BIOCEV) www.biocev.eu and the National Institute of Mental Health www.nudz.cz.

The main topic is the transfer of the latest technologies into preventive medicine, i.e. smart prevention. Technology helps identify the early symptoms of physical and mental diseases, helping to eliminate late medication and hospitalization.

At the second LSIP meeting held in the seat of the National Institute of Mental Health in Klecany on 21 June 2017, MUDr. Filip Španiel Ph.D. introduced the system of telemedicine applications in addition to the ITAREPS system that has been used in practice by the Institute. It enables the early detection of symptoms in patients who suffer from mental diseases.

The topic of biomedical data telemonitoring was followed by Ing. Pavel Smrčka Ph.D. from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU, whose team monitors diabetic patients and the risk group of senior citizens.

Mgr. Michal Schmoranz talked about BIOCEV´s research in the field of preventive medicine that uses the latest technologies following the example of the Digital Health Innovation Centre at the University of California in San Francisco centerfordigitalhealthinnovation.org. He pointed out the importance of standardizing the telemedicine procedure for everyday medical practice.

The key roles of SIC are to be an innovative initiator, support the implementation of scientific research into practice and make life more comfortable and “smart” both for people with health difficulties and those without any.

On 31 May 2017, a workshop on innovative trends in the food industry was held at the BIOCEV research centre. The purpose was to introduce the potential practical use of new scientific knowledge for healthy food manufacturing to representatives from food-processing companies. At the end of the event, the foundations were laid for the first innovative platform for food-processing information in the Central Bohemian Region. The aim of the platform is to hold a joint discussion and search for possible collaboration among businesses and research institutions on innovative food product development.



Training and the educational process at all levels are the key elements for development and competitiveness. Effective development and higher competitiveness of the Central Bohemian Region are the main objectives of the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre’s work. The Centre strives to support creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
 For this purpose, SIC has developed, among other projects, the Education Platform in which the two most important lines have been shaped for the needs of the Central Bohemian Region:

  • The active support of polytechnical education
  • The effective development of collaboration between schools and businesses

Both lines reflect both national and regional RIS3 analyses as well as the Long-Term Educational Plan and the Educational System Development in the Central Bohemian Region in 2016-2020.

In addition to the above reasons, the demographic development of the region has to be taken into consideration: The population of the Central Bohemian Region has increased by 20% over the last twenty years and the average age of the region’s inhabitant is 40.8 years. Children account for 17% of the region’s population.
The above data clearly shows that we have to focus on the young generation in the region. Focus on their training and education and make them feel responsible for the place where they live and where, as we hope, they will affect the way things work one day.

Explore the educational and popularizing activities implemented in the Central Bohemian Region

The SIC4KIDS project is a region-wide contest organized in collaboration with the Regional Chamber of Commerce that follows up the concept of another SIC project that has proven to be successful: SIC LAB – From an Initial Idea to Business.

The contest is designated for second stage primary school pupils and secondary school students from the Central Bohemian Region. The main objective is to create a project through which the contestants might improve the standard of living in the location where they go to school, or in the municipality in which they live, and learn that they are responsible for their living environment and can initiate changes for the better. Other objectives are to enhance creativity and promote a creative and innovative attitude towards problem-solving a spirit of enterprise and healthy competition.

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