Our services

SIC can advise, support, and connect. Our consultants can, for instance, advise mayors on available financial instruments or modern technologies they can leverage for the development of their municipalities. We support SMB’s with Innovation Vouchers and Creative Vouchers. Last but not least, we connect research organizations with businesses that lack their own technology resources.

Our team of experts who continuously monitor, analyze and design specific services, projects and programs. From consulting to networking to grant program management. We have extensive experience with identifying innovation and investment opportunities. We focus on education in natural and technical fields, because we believe that fostering innovative and entrepreneurial thinking should start at primary schools.

We specialize in working with research organizations, helping them with communication and search for talents. We provide early assistance services to foreign workers who come to Central Bohemia to pursue career opportunities.

Our Innovation Platforms facilitate networking and exchange of experience between representatives of businesses, cities, municipalities, academia and research organizations in the region. For instance, the “Alliance for Water in Central Bohemia” is intended for all regional organizations involved in water management.

We also provide advisory on grant opportunities in research, development and innovation. Grants can be obtained at the national level (EU operational programs, national resources, Central Bohemian regional resources) or international level (primarily Horizon 2020). You are welcome to get in touch, whether to discuss a specific project, get an idea of grant opportunities, or to seek potential partners.

Wish to innovate? Tap into our services! We are here to help you.