Second meeting of the “Regional Stakeholder Group”

On 31 July 2020, the second RSG workshop took place. It was an activity implemented within the international project COLOR CIRCLE (COnnecting and empowering LOcal authorities with Research Capacities to unlock the full potential of CIRCuLar Economy). The aim of the workshop was to lead to a deeper implementation of the circular economy in the Central Bohemian Region. The purpose of the project is to jointly search for the potential of the circular economy in the Central Bohemian Region with the help of effective integration of representatives of all sectors by designing, preparing and implementing an action plan, which would then be used for the Central Bohemian Region Development Strategy and as a tool to serve as a supporting document. within the setting of subsidy and financial calls for the area of ​​circular economy. The overall aim of the project is to reach out to regional, national and European policy makers to ensure effective policy impact.

At the first meeting of the RSG, in addition to the presentation of the project, we mainly thought about specific steps to grasp the circular economy in the region and establish cooperation with the region (eg ideas for circular innovation vouchers).

At the second meeting, we shared with RSG members know-how from the Netherlands, where we spent a few days in February in the Friesian region in the picturesque town of Leeuwarden. We brought many examples of good practice from our colleagues, which we showed at the workshop and at the same time looked for synergies and discussed them with the staff of the regional authority. One of the great recommendations is the urgent need for a regional strategy in the field of circular economy. So we showed what the Dutch did but we also looked at a similar example from Prague, implemented by INCIEN (Institute for Circular Economics). Furthermore, circular projects of the municipality of Kněžice, which strives for energy self-sufficiency, and some products from the workshop of Lavaris s.r.o. engaged in research of new technologies in the use and processing of secondary raw materials, which are active rubber, concrete and stone dust.

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