The RIS3 Strategy


The main tool to launch an innovative ecosystem and develop knowledge-based competitiveness

The Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) defines important areas for the region’s development and identifies what needs to be done to make these areas even more beneficial to the given region. At the same time, it is used to efficiently finance activities (from European, national, and regional sources) aimed at improving the Czech Republic’s competitiveness, mainly through strengthening research and innovation capacities within areas of the economy that have been defined as being promising.

For the Czech Republic, one strategic document is the National RIS3 Strategy. In each region, it is implemented through regional RIS3 strategies that take into account the specific qualities of the local innovation ecosystem and the region’s specialisations within the economy, and refine the priority areas that have been set at the national level.

The RIS3 Strategy for the Central Bohemian Region

It presents a long-term plan to improve the Central Bohemian Region’s competitiveness, a plan that is based on innovation and the use of research capacities to promote economic growth.

The purpose of the RIS3 Strategy of the Central Bohemian Region (2014) is to create suitable conditions and environments for the development of entrepreneurship based on innovation and high added value.

This objective will be pursued through specific interventions and projects in Key Areas of Change.

The Action Plan for the RIS3 Strategy

The Action plan consists of project planning, interventions and measures implemented or planned by the Region, the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre or other entities active in the regional innovation environment (research organizations, educational entities, companies, municipalities), following the defined priority areas and strategic objectives of the approved regional RIS3 strategy.

This document is intended to ensure the implementation of the RIS3 strategy, bringing its goals to life and fulfilling the goals set in the strategy.