Innovation profile of the Central Bohemia Region

Research and development


The innovation ecosystem of the Central Bohemia Region

is characterised by the high share of research and development (R&D) expenditures spent by companies in the region. The corporate sector accounts for almost 80% of all R&D expenditures which is in line with the average in the Czech Republic. The reason is the great importance that industry plays in the region’s economy and the relatively extensive R&D activities of some its largest companies.

The total volume of R&D investment in the region reaches almost 2.5% of GDP which is above the national average. With regards to knowledge intensity in business sector, the Central Bohemia Region reaches an above average value (1.87% versus 1.76% in the Czech Republic).

Knowledge intensity indicator in 2005–2017

In comparison with the rest of the country, the companies in the region invest relatively significant resources in R&D, generating the potential for innovation. Over the past few years, the capacity of public research organisations has also grown, especially in connection with the new research centres that have been established in the region. With their focus on basic and applied research, their potential is very significant, and not only for the Central Bohemia economy.

Currently, their research activities, projects and capacities are becoming increasingly linked to the industrial sector. In addition, these new centres are putting the Central Bohemia Region on the map of excellent research.

Research Centres

The Central Bohemia Region has an extensive network of research organisations and centres specialised in various fields that are significant partners of companies in their research, development, and innovation activities.

List of research centers in the Central Bohemia Region.

Innovation Infrastructure

A number of supporting entities offer their services in the region, creating a favourable environment for business activities based on innovation and modern technologies.


List of Innovative Infrastructure Organizations of the Central Bohemia Region.