Introduction to Central Bohemia


If you decided to settle in the Central Bohemian Region, you made the right decision. Find out about best characteristics of Central Bohemia:

  • Biggest and most populated region of the Czech Republic (1.3 million inhabitants and covers 14% of the country’s area)
  • Strategic geographic location in the heart of Europe with proximity of the capital city of Prague
  • Beautiful natural landscape and historical monuments including remarkable castles and chateaux
  • Densest transportation network, main railway and road networks leading to Prague
  • All European countries can be reached by air from Prague within 3 hours
  • One of the most economically developed in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Presence of SMEs and large companies of national and international importance
  • Location of 27 research centers and universities
  • Automotive, engineering, food processing, chemical as main strategic sectors
  • Potential to develop technologies for future such as biotechnologies, optics, photonics, space technologies, nuclear technology or advanced materials
  • Central Bohemia together with Prague creates 50% of the R&D capacity of the Czech Republic


  • Central Bohemia is made up of 1,144 municipalities spread among 12 districts
  • Kněžice is the 1st municipality of the Czech Republic that achieved energy self-sufficiency
  • The most intense laser system in the world is in ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany
  • The biggest research infrastructure is the European Centre of Excellence in biomedicine and biotechnology in Vestec with 25 500 m² of laboratories and 55 research groups
  • The Astronomical Institute in Ondřejov owns the biggest telescope in the Czech Republic
  • A device turning a dry desert into a green landscape was developed in a university center in Bustěhrad
  • A global leader of smart hospital beds exporting to 100 countries is LINET in Slaný