Cultural and Creative Industries

Working Group


The working group for cultural and creative industries (CCIs) of the Central Bohemia Region is a place where representatives of companies, public authorities, research and educational organizations meet and exchange ideas.

The group’s aim is to support the development of cultural and creative industries in Central Bohemia and at the same time use the CCIs potential for the development of the region. In order to reach these goals, Central Bohemian Innovation Centre takes on following topics:

  • Mapping of CCIs in the region.
  • Raising awareness about CCIs, their added value, role and activities.
  • Consolidating CCIs’ interest in the region and facilitating information flow between the stakeholders.
  • Initiation of ways and tools for support and development of CCIs in the region, especially concerning innovations, business support and education.
  • Increasing demand for CCIs by traditional industries and public administration.
  • Inspiration and suggestions for exploiting the full potential of CCIs for development of the Central Bohemia Region.