Central Bohemian Innovation Center promotes Maker Culture in Education during the TV show Snídaně s Novou

The great results of the Pilot Project “SIC DigiEduLab – Digital Fabrication Lab” in the Emil Kolben Technical High School that SIC coordinated last November continue to spread. After the successful implementation of the pilot project and inspired by the new method, taught by experts from Mexico and Canada, not only the teachers of Emil Kolben High School organized their first ever Hackathon in December using the microcontroller Robot in a Can but recognized the effective teaching of long-life competences and technical skills while looking for solutions for local and global challenges based on digital fabrication projects.  

During the TV show, Martina Vycudilikova, Project Manager for Research Organizations and Education and 
Petr Lelovski, teacher at the Emil Kolben High School talked about the experience 
of the pilot project SIC DigiEduLab – Digital Fabrication Lab and working with Robot in a can.

Motivated with the results of the pilot project, where 7 teachers were trained and more than 20 students, SIC decided to organize more activities in order to promote this new education approach in other technical and non-technical schools of the region under the name “Maker Culture in Education”. This method represents for teachers an opportunity to further their professional development and a way to innovate in their teaching environment and for students it fosters a culture of innovation, raise their interest in STEM fields careers and a closer to life-experiences outside of the standard classroom settings.

Among the activities SIC has planned is the organization of a workshop (SIC Ideathon) for teachers of Central Bohemia and other professional educators during the next edition of Maker Faire Prague in June 2020. In addition, SIC will look into the possibilities to accredit this method by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 

You can play the whole Snídaně s Novou interview with Martina Vycudilíková and Emil Kolben Technical High schoool representatives via this link.

Written by: Athziri Moreno Romo