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Atlas of Innovation Environment – Profile of the Innovation Ecosystem of the Central Bohemian Region

Central Bohemian Region has a strategically convenient location in the heart of Europe and is one of the most developed regions compared to other regions in Central and Eastern Europe. It has long been one of the most economically developed regions in the Czech Republic.

The Central Bohemian Region is also a place with a rapid development of mod­ern research activities in a number of fields, from biotechnology, optics, photonics and nuclear technology; through advanced mate­rials, engineering and the automotive industry; to humanity fields like psychiatry and mental health-care.

Find out all the possibilities that Central Bohemia has to offer:

Investment opportunities in R&D – Atlas of Innovation

Setting up a business

Foreign legal entities are allowed to conduct trade activities, including the acquisition of real estate, under the same conditions and to the same extent as Czech entrepreneurs. They may become founders or co-founders of a company, or may join an existing Czech company.

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Visa support for investors and technology companies

CzechInvest’s AfterCare Department offers visa support for investors. In particular, the department provides consulting focused on the visa process in the Czech Republic and addresses the specific needs of investors throughout the process. Find more information here.

In addition, the Welcome Package project is an accelerated procedure for provision of residence permits for newly established technology companies with a domestic investor (i.e. start-ups). The purpose of the project is to achieve time savings within the migration process of employees and statutory representatives. Find more information here.

Corporate tax

Corporate income tax is levied on income from the worldwide operations of Czech tax residents and on Czech-source income of Czech tax non-residents. Find more information here.

Useful contacts

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